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Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

Being a major urban center, Miami regrettably has a large carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions currently exceed 4.8 million metric tons per year and could potentially reach 5.7 million metric tons per year by 2020. That’s less than 10 years from now.

At FON FEST, we want to do our part to help mitigate the rise of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why we’re giving attendees an avenue to create less carbon emissions by setting up specific off-site parking locations which will have shuttle services to take attendees to and from the festival. Think about it this way: you’ll be able to relax and avoid the traffic that Miami is famous for even before you get to the festival not to mention, you are saving a little green (money in the process).
Here are the following shuttle station points so far:

Here are our current shuttle station points.

• Lot#14: 201 sw 1st street, Miami Fl 33132 / $10 per vehicle.

• Lot #10A: 1080 se 1st ave, Miami FL 33130 / $10 per vehicle.

• Lot #5: 1150 south miami ave, Miami FL 33130 / $10 per vehicle.

• Lot #9: 1001 south miami ave, Miami FL 3313o/ $10 per vehicle.

If you would rather park close to the festival, we have plenty of parking as well. Please note that we encourage everyone to take the shuttles because traffic on the Key can be congested with bridge repairs, etc. However, should you choose to park close to the festival, Miami Marine Stadium parking area is available as well as Arthur Lamb Jr Road area.

• Miami Marine Stadium Parking is $15 (and is a 1/2 mile from the festival entrance)
• Arthur Lamb Jr Rd is $20 (which is the closest parking to the festival grounds and leaves you with direct access to the festival entrance)

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO OVERNIGHT PARKING at any of the above mentioned areas. Any cars left overnight will be towed in the morning. So please plan accordingly. There is only overnight parking for attendees who have registered for camping.


RidePost to the Friends of Nature Music Festival

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Whether you need a ride or are offering one anyone can create a post on RidePost's digital ride board. On the RidePost FON Fest page you can chat with fellow event-goers and browse rides coming in and out of Miami, FL for the event.

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